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  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Consultation, Sales and Support
  • Repairs on all Hearing Aid Makes
  • Special Testing for Balance Disorders
  • Free Demos of Hearing Aid Technology

Did you know that according to the National Institute on Deaf and Communications Disorders, more than 36 million Americans have some type of hearing problem? Although hearing problems are commonly associated with the normal aging process, more than half of people with hearing loss are under the age of 65. Most people wait 7 to 10 years before seeking help because their hearing difficulties are often unrecognized.

There is good news for people with hearing loss — but the first step is to visit an audiologist, who can evaluate the hearing and determine the type and degree of hearing loss. An audiologist is a health care professional who evaluates, diagnoses, treats and manages hearing loss and balance disorders in both adults and children. The audiologists at Blue Ridge Ear, Nose and Throat, Inc. have expertise in hearing evaluations and advanced hearing aid technology.

By the way, there is a lot of talk today about buying hearing aids over the Internet. We firmly believe that to get the proper assessment of your hearing health, including the possible benefit of hearing aids, you must partner with a physician / audiologist team. Click here for an excellent article explaining why this is so important.

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