Putting the “Happy” in Your Holidays with Hearing Aids

family behind a Christmas tree

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…unless you’re experiencing hearing loss in North Carolina. Impaired hearing can leave you feeling like the Grinch, but there’s a simple solution that can help put the cheer back in your holidays: hearing aids. When the Holidays Aren’t so Merry and Bright The holiday season is synonymous with
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When is it Time for New Hearing Aids?

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If you’re hard of hearing in North Carolina and already wear hearing aids, that’s great! You’ve taken an important step in reconnecting with your world and have reduced your risks for experiencing many of the comorbidities associated with untreated hearing loss, a list that includes depression, isolation, dementia, falls, and physical conditions such as diabetes.
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Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aid Technology in Boone.

If you’re like most people in Boone, Jefferson or Linville, you probably picture hearing aids as bulky, unsightly devices with limited functionality. While that may have been true a generation ago, today’s hearing aid technology has resulted in smaller instruments that incorporate digital signal processing, microchips, advanced computerization and other cutting-edge technologies to provide excellent
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Audiologist vs. ENT

Audiologists and ENT physicians work hand-in-hand at Boone Ridge ENT to provide patients with the best possible care. But what sets these two specialties apart? Audiologists An audiologist is a health care professional who specializes in evaluating, treating and managing hearing loss, tinnitus and balance problems. They are required to complete rigorous training, earning a master’s or doctoral
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